KBR Report

Summary of the KBR Report

At the risk of over simplification, a fair paraphrase of the report in every-day language would be as follows:

  • Using the best techniques and information available the beach is unlikely to wash away.
  • The double arm breakwater with dredging every few years was determined to be the preferred option using a number of subjective assumptions and judgments. Some of these assumptions were that;
    • all weather use by recreational boaters is needed, and
    • the Coast Guard needs to use a conventional propeller driven craft rather than one than could float in shallower water using jet propulsion – such as that presently used by the Water Police.
  • The construction cost of this preferred option would be $17 million (±40%).
  • Water from Sweetwater Creek and local drains are unlikely to change very much.

Download the full report here

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